Enersoft Streamlines Exploration Workflow With Geologic AI

By J. Kevin Palmer

As Featured In Engineering and Mining Journal – February 2021

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Core Competency

In the course of scanning a 226.5 metre drill hole for a client, we recorded 379,116 XRF shots translating into 1,674 shots per metre or 1 XRF shot per .6mm. Each XRF shot picked up 1,200 photons for a total of roughly 455 million photons. Each hyper-spectral scan covering 1 metre had about 553 million pixels…

An on-line demo of GeologicAI takes about 20 minutes with our Director of Geoscience, David Henderson.

Text: 1.807.356.1313 to book your demo.

Work Flow

Imagine, actually discovering all the minerals potentially still left in your historical core as of yet undetected. Then imagine that you had our GeologicAI on your site providing real-time analysis, instant logging, hyperspectral imaging, advanced XRF scanning, laser depth correction AND beautiful libraries of digital HD core images. Imagine the time saved logging, measuring, lifting and lowering core boxes to exam tables, the hours and hours spent in your existing core shacks

With no upfront / capital cost to budget for, there is no real reason not to improve work flow speed and accuracy. The demo and scanning of your historical core is free.

More Benefits and Features


Process core faster, remove tedious labour from the core logging process, immediately and precisely detect minerals in your core consistently, get ultra-high-def photographs of your core and best of all – this is done real-time in your core shack by your people. The more rock it scans, the better results it produces!

Geochemistry and mineralogy are vastly improved by adding camera channels to hyperspectral information. Some minerals just don’t produce adequate hyperspectral signatures for identification, yet they are easy to detect using imagery.

If it can be seen with the naked eye, Enersoft can quantify and outline it using machine vision. The future is here!

Text: 1.807.356.1313 to book your demo.

Ease of Use

The only multi-sensor, cost-neutral scanning system employing a unique combination of hyper-spectral imaging + XRF line scanning + RGB Imaging and fully guided by laser depth correction.

GeologicAI promises incredibly precise pixel-by-pixel co-location of all data. And, because it’s been so well-thought out, it’s also the easiest and quickest scanning system to operate!

Demo 1.807.356.1313 (20 minutes on-line)

Property Examinations

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