Enersoft Streamlines Exploration Workflow With Geologic AI

By J. Kevin Palmer

As Featured In Engineering and Mining Journal – February 2021

In general, sulphides do not typically present a great hyperspectral signature, but Enersoft’s GeologicAI systems can easily see these sulphides with its XRF and RGB sensors. “One of the biggest things that set us apart from our competition is that we combine multiple sensors co-locating all data pixel by pixel,” said David Henderson, geoscience director with GeologicAI. “And, because we use multiple sensors in our scanners, we are able to lower our sensor costs and allow more tools to help identify more minerals.” Enersoft developed GeologicAI for the oil and gas sector about eight years ago. More recently, they decided to branch out into the hard rock mining sector and the technology has proved to be incredibly valuable in this area as well. The real value for exploration geologists with this system is that they get their geological data before they interpret the core. Because they get such great results instantaneously, sampling frequency is lowered significantly as lower volumes are sent to the lab on a weekly or monthly basis. With GeologicAI, there’s never a wait for lab results — the trailer is on-site. GeologicAI claims to be cost-neutral in a $20/m model. The largest cost savings is at the lab sampling stage and overall time spent on the core. With Geologic AI,

RQD is automated, which eliminates the need to manually measure the core, Henderson explained. “Not only that but all the guess work has been removed — so geologists can interpret the core, removing the variance between geologists’ opinions as to the mineral makeup of any given core,” Henderson said. GeologicAI also saves money by creating resource certainty with instantaneous results, decreased lab sampling costs. It gives geologists the ability to make quick, accurate and consistent logging decisions faster than ever. The system also reduces assay costs. “While using it, the geologist knows precise percentages of key minerals and they only sample areas of interest, which decreases the amount of overall samples,” Henderson said. “Identifying non-interpretive rock early is another huge benefit to geologists.” GeologicAI can be used to map the ore coming from the stopes, giving mill operators an early warning as to what they can expect with incoming feed. Having this information has improved recovery rates in the mills where stope mapping with GeologicAI was employed. Current lead time for GeologiaAI is about eight to 12 weeks. The 4- x 16-ft trailers are easily transportable. This technology can be delivered anywhere within a fourto five-month time frame

The company is currently setting its sights on properties that have a lot of drill core, who also might be a little short-handed. “We can offer a massive improvement on the workflows,” Henderson said. “This isn’t just scanning software. We also have logging and interpretation software built right into the system and we feel we can help those projects that are producing a ton of core.” At this point, Enersoft is North American focused and next year they hope to be sending GeologicAI trailers overseas.

With a GeologicAI trailer on site, there is no need to wait for lab results.