Enersoft has created a new platform for geoscientific computing and reservoir analysis. Our platform democratizes client data and improves reservoir performance through better technical visualization, real time information, and transparency.

Our Vision:  When a well is drilled, we will know what is there and what it is worth. We change diverse geoscience information to actionable knowledge.

Our Mission: We provide insight into surface and subsurface resources. We achieve our mission through better data, better science, better technology, better objective interpretation, and better service.

Our Brands:

Geoscientific Computing Platform for Hosting, Visualization and Analytics


Data Capture and Information Creation



Our Awards:
Calgary’s best Built Startup – 2014 (Startup Calgary)
Fastest to Black – 2014  (Startup Calgary)
Energy New Venture Competition Winner – 2016  (Haskayne School of Business)