Virtual Core – Super Resolution RGB Photos

Clients can now deploy our core photo imagery technology at their site.  Core photos can be captured at super high resolution. This can eliminate costly lab trips. Our data capture robots can capture imagery at sub micron pixel sizes.  We just deployed this core photo robot to a new client site: Pretty neato. […]

Old Core Photo Services – Now Part of WellTools

Enersoft has added automatic core photo stitching. Our software: 1. Automatically scans large directories of old photos. 2. Groups photos by the lab that took them and their vintage automatically. 3. OCR’s the UWI and all other information. 4. Finds the individual boxes. 5. Pins them together into a strip […]

WellTools Prerelease: McMurray, Wilrich, Montney, Duvernay Now Available

Enersoft is pleased to announce the prerelease of WellTools.  This software is the solution to resource quantification, petrophysical analysis, spectro-geology, and high resolution geoscience data visualization. To view the power of WellTools, Check out our user guide or one of our analyzed wells: McMurray – Suncor  – Update –  We […]